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Join us for Season 20!

Thank you for choosing West Coast Rush All Star Cheer Program for your family!  We are so excited to have you part of the Rush Family!

Complete the application below to join us for our Season 20 Evaluation Clinics!


Please select what program you are interested in:

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

I, the undersigned parent or guardian, do hereby grant permission for my child, to participate in the sport of cheerleading at West Coast Rush. In order that my daughter/son may receive the necessary medical treatment in the event she/he may sustain injury or illness during participation in this sport, I hereby authorize the cheerleading coach or other supervising adult to obtain medical treatment for my daughter/son for such injury or illness during the sport, and I hereby hold West Coast Rush and any of its representatives harmless in the exercise of authority.


I understand that this sport involves risk to the participant. I further acknowledge and understand that due to the nature of this sport, which involves inversion and rotation of the body, there is a possibility that my daughter/son may sustain physical illness or injury (minimal, serious, or catastrophic), in connection with her or his participation. I further acknowledge and understand that my daughter/son is assuming the risk of such physical illness or injury by her/his participation, and I further release West Coast Rush and its representatives from any claims for personal illness or injury that my daughter/son may sustain during participation in this sport.


I further understand that West Coast Rush has established rules and regulations pertaining to conduct, behavior, and activities of all student and cheerleading participants, by which my daughter/son must abide during participation in this sport, and that my daughter/son and I will be responsible for her/his failure to abide by those rules and regulations.

The athlete listed has my permission to participate in the West Coast Rush program and/or camp for the 2023-24 year.  In consideration for the training and coaching provided by West Coast Rush and its staff, I understand that my child must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the coaches and staff.  I understand that violation of any of these rules may result in removal from the classes and/or events.  We acknowledge and recognize that hazards are present in any athletic event and that injury may result.  West Coast Rush coaches, staff and volunteers will not be liable for injury that occurs during practice, special events, competitions or travel to and from activities.  

Signing Parent's Name

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